Impact of covid 19

On 31 December 2019, in a city called Wuhan of China, a new pathogenic entity was discovered, which was later named coronavirus(covid-19). Unknowingly from that small city of china, it spread across the world. Traveling From one nation to another nation also arrived in Nepal. In Nepal, It was first seen on a 31-year old man studying at Wuhan University who returned to Nepal after the outbreak of the virus. starting from one person it transferred to thousands of people in Nepal. The carelessness of part people and the inability of the government to handle such pandemics became the major factor to promote this virus within the country.
 From the first time when W.H.O announced about the outbreak, Not many were concerned. Neither The governments nor the global populace recognized the emergency. In Nepal, it was even worse. Government is clueless and dipped in its own politics, and the health is rendered entirely incapable and is devoid of any plans on what to do. When the numbers started increasing, the government of Nepal introduced lockdown on 24 march 2020 but the implementation was not done properly. People lacking in awareness did not help, because They continued their daily interaction which was the main factor for the virus to transmit. So the numbers rose. People started to be admitted to hospitals but the number of cases was so massive that hospitals were unable to provide beds and oxygen to the sick. People were left lying on the floor of hospitals, lucky ones got oxygen masks put on. Then death started to rise. A lot of people lost their lives, many lost their beloved ones and many are waiting for their beloved ones to recover.
During this period Nepal and Nepalese have faced a huge loss. The economy in Nepal, dependent mostly on tourism and foreign revenue, also had to bear the brunt. Even people with their own business and job have been affected hugely. Almost all the sectors of Nepal’s economy have been badly hit by COVID-19. Along with the economy, education sector, transportation, general development, all has been affected.
To overcome the virus and crisis, the government has to bring various policies for its people.
Hospitals have to increase their capacity of beds, medicine, doctors, etc, and should be prepared for the future for which government should help and provide the needs. People going to their jobs and businesses should continue their work under the guidelines. The education sector should also come with plans which would help many students to continue their education. People have to have hope and understand that in the end everything will turn out just fine, and this pandemic will become just a story to tell our grandchildren.

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